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Sunday, 11 December 2011



  1. These are awesome! Such a simple idea, really well executed, thanks.

    Just a small point but you could do with moving your blog archive/popular posts to the empty top left of your site, its really hard to navigate as you keep having to scroll all the way to the bottom on every page.

    1. Hi mate, really? i dont see any empty space! is it a set up thing?
      I'll have a good go through it at the weekend, it needs a good tidy! cheers for the heads up!

    2. Yea, if yo go to your dashboard, go to template then customise you can change the widths of your columns and the overall width so all the wasted space where by default google chops off like 10cm either side of your blog you can fill that up and so your blog looks more balanced and isn't like it is by default, narrow and really long! I would still recommend putting your blog archive near the top so more people who visit your page for a certain reason are likely to see the other stuff you have done. It might be worth changing your layout as well so you have the blog and 1 column one side and two the other as you have a lot going on. Hope this helps.


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