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Thursday, 8 March 2012


Its time to rejoice! i FINALLY finished this bugger! its only taken what, 3 weeks? i'm relatively happy with how he turned out. Theres a few positives and negatives in there i can work on.
This was my first go at painting power weapon effects and i'm pleased with how they came out, i will DEFINATELY be doing more of it. However, i'm not keen on how the OSL came out, even though i've been trying it for a while now! more practice required me thinks!

The bronze/gold is a bit of an odd one, it would help if Forge world themselves had a consistent colour for these guys, just look at the colour of that relic contemptor on the website, then look at the colour in the IA books! totally different!

It doesnt help with the colour being called "bronze" as it can be anything from a very dark copper, to a highly polished bronze/gold (which i want!)

Anyway, onto the pictures!

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  1. I would never have believed it was your first time painting a Power weapon like that as you've done an amazing job. Im not usually a fan of OSL but I really like the effect you have achieved on the lamp.


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