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Thursday, 1 March 2012


Hi all,
I've an upcoming 40k league at the club and this time some forge world units have been approved! (Caestus assault ram for the win!)
I've often been a fan of the trusty land raider and jumped at the chance to run an achilles, even though it is 325 points!

Not wanting to splash out on the admittedly awesome forge world kit of it (i LOVE that minotaurs scheme) I though i would knock up my own conversion using a busted up old land raider i've been using.

Behold the cheap achilles!

Heres a run down of what i've used/done:

1:Cut off the lascannons at the "ribbed part of the barrels" and attached cut down attack bike/land speeder multi meltas.

2: used a GK dreadknight heavy psilencer? (is that the name?) stuck on the front of the heavy bolters with the barrels cut off.

3: stuck on some armour plating from a part of the imperial bastion kit i had laying about, the weird thing is these slot over the tracks almost as if they are custom made for it! Awesome!

Anyway, for a test model i'm pleased with it. I'm also gonna have a crack at airbrushing it bronze which might be a bastard...

hopefully if the model performs well in game i might replace it with a REAL one!


Let me know what you think!

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