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Monday, 26 March 2012


Hi guys, recently i ordered some of these 25th anniversary minis.
These were my first finecast mini's and i expected good things as surely all the negative comments had to be just exaggerated anti GW'isms didnt it?

well looks like they were right, they are bloody terrible.

I had 3 minis replaced and the replacements were no better than the ones they originally sent!

Have a look at the state of these.

As you can see they are no good.
Some of you might accept mini's like this, but i urge you do not as you shouldnt have to accept casts that are not perfect (and these are far from good)

That banner is the most bizzarre of the lot, it has a grey powder that rubs off in your fingers! its as if the cast is powdery!

Needless to say i complained about these a week ago and have had no reply from GW.

Today i e mailed yet again as this whole debale has been goin gon over a month now and its really annoying me!

Have your models been like this? and would you accept them?

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  1. A while back you might have forgiven these things as "teething" issues with the finecast process. But we are about a year down the line since finecast was released and the continued poor quality is no longer acceptable.

    I accept that some small air bubbles may be present, just as I'd accept those on FW miniatures... but I've recently been putting together a BaneLegions Krull and the cast and detail quality puts both GW and FW to shame.

    "No more Failcast"

  2. I've had mixed experiences with finecast.



    And good:

    But I've never accepted a dud cast and I agree it's VERY IMPORTANT that none of us do.

  3. Yep, I've had just under 20 finecast models now. 1 was acceptable. ONE. I'm up to replacement number 6 on the CF captain. I have a nice base, but that's about it. Still it's the next step in hobby evolution, huh?

  4. I have had issues with every finecast model, though GW customer service has always shipped me a replacement and eventually I've gotten a good one. Frustrating that their QA isn't better.

  5. Mixed results here are well, I've gone from a mini that was virtually unrecognisable to a perfect cast and everything in between.

    GW customer service is decent enough about the entire situation and I definitely don't want to give them any flak as they're the ones stuck with the issues caused in quality control. But, to be quite frank, at the cost of these minis this variability of quality is just unacceptable. Not even to mention that some of us don't actually have a GW or seller in the area to check out minis prior to buying them.

    When they get it right you do get a great mini that is lighter, nice to paints and can be converted quite easily, it is just a shame that has turned out to be a very rare occassion!

  6. I haven't had any "good" Finecast models myself... but in all fairness, I haven't painted that many of them yet either.

    That banner looks horrible though.
    Ron, FTW

  7. Here you go, tell them you are sharing your thoughts on your blog ;) ...

    The Colonel's Second Finecast Foray



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