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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Realm Of Battle Gameboard Finished (at last!)

Hi everyone, the DIY realm of battle gameboard is FINALLY finished! time to rejoice indeed, now i can continue with the Carchardons.

Its taken me since boxing day i believe which is a LONG time indeed!

I'm really looking forward to getting some games in on it. hope you like it too!

Heres the pics!

Have you made one of these? or would you rather just buy one? i suppose its cost me around £75 in total for parts. maybe £100, but that includes the "scenery"

As usual please help us out! you can do this by Joining the hobby network, clicking on any of the ads on the site or even making an order through the wayland games links! its easy! If youre feeling especially generous, theres a paypal donation button on the right!

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