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Monday, 27 February 2012


Today i recieved my 25th anniversary crimson fist space marines, i was NOt at all happy with the casting quality on these and have sent a snotty E mail to GW.
I cdant believe they allow quality like this out of the door. it will be interesting to see their reaction as it now seems they say "resin is meant to have defects" which is complete bullshit. if they try this line on you DO NOT accept it.
If you pay for a new item, you expect new item quality!

anyway, Rant over!

As of now all my carcharodons are on hold, I'm concentrating on the Minotaurs.
I reprimed the librarian and have now started on painting him as a Minotaur.
I'm a bit stumped as to where to put some kind of chapter heraldry without it looking forced? the pads are already full of "stuff" so they are a no no!

Anyway let me know what you think so far!

Heres the pics!

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  1. Looks nice, man... very good work. maybe you can put some sort of trophy rack coming out the top to hold a standard or other iconography. BTW, would like to throw a shout-out to you on my blog...

  2. Cheers mate, I'm not really a fan of the overhead trophy racks anymore, I prefer a more "sensible"? Option?? Lol
    Feel free to show what you wish regarding your blog!

  3. I think he looks great. I like the gold coloring with the silver highlights. Very nice.

    Ron, FTW

    1. Cheers buddy, although its meant to be a polished bronze as opposed to gold, although when polished, theres not much difference!

  4. Superb use of parts, I think he looks great as is and any additional iconography may be as you put it forced.

    Looking forward to the finished article



    1. Cheers mate, how is the painting coming along? i am looking forward to seeing your armour all finished!

  5. He looks great. Absolutely outstanding. Through great painting and modeling you have captured a look of grim determination in a dynamic miniature. He truly appears to be descending the steps with purpose.

    I love it.

    1. Cheers man, i did try my best with the posing with the limited parts i had available.
      i just want to be able to paint better!


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