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Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Hi guys, recently i've been playing around a lot with my airbrush. I've learnt a couple of things i feel i should pass on to you all.
What ive found is, although my compressor has a water trap, it is still not 100% efficient. Water still manages to come spurting through every now and then. even if its once per session, you can be sure it will be at the most awkward time! To remedy this i have bought another water trap, a smaller one that attaches to the airbrush itself.

These things are definately worth it, they cost around £7 from E bay.

Ive also knocked up a cheap airbrush stand from a rectangular piece of wood with a notch cut out of the top, and some velcro to attach it to the wall!

I'm really pleased with these simple additions.

Have you made any additions to your airbrush set up? do you have any handy hints to share with us? We'd love to hear from you!

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Thanks for looking.


  1. I have been priming with airbrush and now explore to use it for more tasks, (like shading particular areas). In doing so, I came across a pressure gauge to add to iwata airbrushes, as long as a 3er action add-on (allows to block the needle). But I beleive the airbrsuh seen in your pictures already has those habilities. Cheers

    1. hi mate, i am sorry but i've never heard of the 3rd action add on! sounds like fin! what would it acheieve?

    2. Yeah, they're called MAC's (Something like Micro Air Controller). They allow you to change spray pressure "on-the-fly" as opposed to changing the gauge on compressor.


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