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Thursday, 9 February 2012


Hi all, i've been trawling the internets for some pictures of old golden demon winners.

i thought i had to share these with you.

These are the 2nd and 3rd place results of the "Scratch built vehicle conversion" category (dont do em like they used to eh?) Unfortunately the 1st place mini picture is nowhere to be found!

Anyway heres the pics,

2nd place, Markham egglestons interesting vehcle. to me it looks like a slab sided rhino/chimera hybrid! I like it!

3rd place,  Richard kernicks has produced this "Stack of rhinos"? these days i assume this would be an Ork contraption. but i like it nonetheless.
I'm surprised how much i like the old miniatures, they sem a lot more "interesting" to the eye, even if it is for the wrong reasons?

Do you remember an old Golden Demon entry you liked? What was it?

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  1. Goof off. . You may need to scrape away the tape with a painters tool before applying the goof off to the residue.. . Or try breaking the surface of the tape with a wallpaper scoring/removal tool. Then apply the goof off to the tape surface after scoring so the goof off can work down to the adhesive.

  2. It looks nice already. I think the cleaning has been successful too.
    Painters Markham

  3. I only just found this page, so my apologies for necro-posting.

    That top picture's me. Or more specifically, it's my work, back before I changed my name. :)

    (For the record, the correct spelling of the name is Eggleton, without the 's'.)

    The model itself got christened The Camel, a desert ops infantry fighting vehicle, and the chap you can see in the space marine power armour had a plastic elf's head, just to make things more interesting. It was off of that win that I ended up getting a job working at the GW Sheffield store for the next 3 years.

    Unfortunately the model, along with the previous entry that got me through the heats (a scratch-built Imperial dropship made mostly out of an old Star Wars Imperial Shuttle kit) were left at the shop when I was 'let go' in 1992 and I haven't seen them since.

    Thanks for digging up this picture Marcel. I've only just recently started taking an interest in miniature painting and wargaming after a long break, so seeing this blast from the past is very much appreciated.


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