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Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Hi all! hope youre all having an awesome valentines day? 

Today i will be looking at Golden demon 1988's standard bearer category.

1st place went to Hew Bowles with this awesome beastman type thing! (i love how the olsd minis are sometimes unrecognisable! I love the face on the banner, and i also love those mushrooms! Old skool fantasy for the win!

Next up is this Dwarf banner bearer by D.P.Pearson, Looks like hes showing for Bugmans! (do they or did they ever have their own army?) it APPEARS to be a winged pair of hands and feet with a triangular face? sitting on a barrel! completely bizzare! i like it!

Third place is R.Leinham's Goblin? bearer, now, is that a shoulder or does it have two heads? i had to look twice!
 And finally theres an "honourable mention" for this Eldar Wraithlord bySteven Joyes. Then known as an Eldar Dreadnought.
I cant believe the mini is that old! I assume its from the Alaitoc Craftworld, but i cant be sure. I love that urban base! who's hand is that poking out i wonder?

What do you think of these? would they hold up nowadays?

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