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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Hello again everybody!

I've finally finished the first stage of my landing pad ( skyshield landing pad variation) actually it looks more like the Forge world anphelion base landing pad TBH.

Ive only got to do the second stage which is the Imperial Bastion part.

Ive included pics of my Imperial Fists Razorback for scale!

Heres the pics!

Which style of landing pad do you prefer? the skyshield style? or the anphelion base style?

Thanks for looking!

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Sunday, 29 January 2012


Ok here we go again, this things really beggining to drag now!
luckily i anticipate it to be finished this week allowing me to continue with my carcharodons space marines.

Only got to paint the little modular sections now as opposed to the big boards themselves.

Again i've been using an airbrush for this whole project to whizz through it!

Heres the pics!

Do you have a realm of battle gameboard? if so, how long did it take you to finish??

Saturday, 28 January 2012


So its finally available, i'm really impressed, its cheaper than i expected at £20 and comes in a nift box like the old rogue trader rulebook!

Its finecast though so i wonder if theres enough stock to cover all the replacements!

Heres the pics!

What do you guys think? is it what you expected?


Ok so i FINALLY finished this objective marker i've had laying about since 2007!

I think in future i will give the Sharks yellow eyes, as black, although fluffy, is too dull.

Heres the pics.

 Let me know what you think?
Have you ever created a marker like this? if so i'd love to see it!

Friday, 27 January 2012


Hi all, it would appear i'm a little behind the times on this but if you havnt seen it, here it is.

 Its a crimson fist, with a plasma gun holding a severed ork head1 its obviously a Homage to the old Rogue trader cover of yore.

Personally i like it. what do other people think? would you rather have seen something else?

Thursday, 26 January 2012


Random select has just gone viral!

We are now featuring blogs as part of a "Hobby blog network"

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 Look forward to seeing you on there!

301st Mechanised Corps - Scratch Built Armoured Company

Hi all, welcome to the first edition of "Featured Hobbyist" yeah thats right, as mentioned before, i'm featuring some hobbyists and their work (its all agreed, i dont just post stuff without permission!)

This time we see Tinners' of warseer and ammobunker fame,

301st Mechanised Corps - Scratch Built Armoured Company 

Heres what he had to say about them when asked to give a small introduction/paragraph...

Tinners: This is a trailer and it carrys stuff because it is pretty.

Well said i feel!

Anyway, heres the pics.

 I personally think these models are brilliant, his scratch building skills appear to be the best out there presently..( please show me better if you know of it!)

Forge world, really need to snap this guys talents up pretty sharpish!

What do you guys think?





Hi all, stop looking at pictures of Katie price on google and have a read of this...

Ive been reading the Horus Heresy series of books lately and thought i would share a review with you.

This is my FIRST review so please be gentle and feel free to let me know what other information you would like in forthcoming reviews.

Ok so the book itself,

This is called "Age of darkness" released by Black library and is a compilation of multiple short stories based on the Heresy.

The short stories vary in subject from the ultramarines trying out the new fangled "Codex astartes" and The Iron Warriors fighting amongst themselves in a giant asteroid based fortress.

Now i quite liked this book as i liked a lot of the content. Stand out stories for me were the aforementioned Ultramarines story and the iron warriors story. The Ultramarines came accross with an interesting feel to them which is usually very boring( or non existant) with ultramarines and made themselves very likeable. Also the Iron warriors story made itself relevant to the Horus Heresy itself by making the fortress the loyalists had to hold to slow the Rebels down.

When it comes to things i didnt like about the story, i cant think of much, perhaps the story about the civilian on a far flung tatooine based planet was a little boring, but i think that might have been an Abnet piece! and i'm not much of a fan of his work so far (i know a lot of people love him so please forgive me)

Lets take a moment to have a look at the entire piece of artwork for the book,

In the picture we can see horus wearing his distinctive cloak, wielding a huge mace and claw combo much to the mangled imperial fists disaproval...

There appears to be what look like thunderhawks in the distance and maybe a titan, but i cant be sure. Its a nice piece but i cant remember where in the book this might represent, if anywhere at all! but thats probably more to do with it being a short story compilation!

This book as usual made my hobby work a little more interesting, they really do inspire your hobby productivity, So i'd reccomend them.

All in all, i would give this book 4 out of 5 AOL monsters.

Have you read this book? if so, what did you think of it?

See you soon!


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Monday, 23 January 2012


Hey you guuuuys! stop looking at lindsay lohans playboy pictures for a moment and come and have a look see at this.

A looong time ago i was asked by a fellow warseerite (i believe we are both banned now?) to paint his necromunda gangers for him for a small fee. of course i obliged. i thought you all might like to see the pictures!

Hope you like them!

Have you ever painted for someone else? if so what have you painted?

Sunday, 22 January 2012


Hi guys put down your Ipad and have a look at this!

Today i'm showing you a little update on the Realm of battle gameboard rip off i'm working on.

Yesterday i textured the boards and undercoated them with something simlair to, but not the same as Chaos black spray paint.

ive yet to finish the building of all the little sections like the skyshield landing pad, honoured imperium and the city of death buildings etc but they wont be too far behind.

Tonight i aim to get most of the airbrush work done on these so its only details that need doing. then during the week i can work on the buildings/scenery.

Heres the pics.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, 21 January 2012


Hi all, Today i am going to show you how to make a DIY light box on the cheap! so put down your ipad2 and come have a go!

I use mine to photograph all my finished minatures, be it forge world tanks (you might need a bigger box!) the usual games workshop space marines and so on. You really can use them for anything you want to take photographs of! it doesnt have to be wargaming related!

All you need is a cardboard box, some paper, a printer and some sticky tape!

Ok step one, take your box and cut out one end and the top or bottom, then cover the inside with white paper

After youve covered the insides, add a blue gradient to the bottom and rear of the box, making sure it curves rather than folds at the back corner

Next put a light above the box, add a miniature and take pictures!

You can see here the imperial guard sentinel i posted the other day !

The pictures come out like this

 Try it and see how you get on!
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