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Thursday, 26 January 2012


Hi all, stop looking at pictures of Katie price on google and have a read of this...

Ive been reading the Horus Heresy series of books lately and thought i would share a review with you.

This is my FIRST review so please be gentle and feel free to let me know what other information you would like in forthcoming reviews.

Ok so the book itself,

This is called "Age of darkness" released by Black library and is a compilation of multiple short stories based on the Heresy.

The short stories vary in subject from the ultramarines trying out the new fangled "Codex astartes" and The Iron Warriors fighting amongst themselves in a giant asteroid based fortress.

Now i quite liked this book as i liked a lot of the content. Stand out stories for me were the aforementioned Ultramarines story and the iron warriors story. The Ultramarines came accross with an interesting feel to them which is usually very boring( or non existant) with ultramarines and made themselves very likeable. Also the Iron warriors story made itself relevant to the Horus Heresy itself by making the fortress the loyalists had to hold to slow the Rebels down.

When it comes to things i didnt like about the story, i cant think of much, perhaps the story about the civilian on a far flung tatooine based planet was a little boring, but i think that might have been an Abnet piece! and i'm not much of a fan of his work so far (i know a lot of people love him so please forgive me)

Lets take a moment to have a look at the entire piece of artwork for the book,

In the picture we can see horus wearing his distinctive cloak, wielding a huge mace and claw combo much to the mangled imperial fists disaproval...

There appears to be what look like thunderhawks in the distance and maybe a titan, but i cant be sure. Its a nice piece but i cant remember where in the book this might represent, if anywhere at all! but thats probably more to do with it being a short story compilation!

This book as usual made my hobby work a little more interesting, they really do inspire your hobby productivity, So i'd reccomend them.

All in all, i would give this book 4 out of 5 AOL monsters.

Have you read this book? if so, what did you think of it?

See you soon!

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