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Friday, 13 January 2012

Tales from my past, Episode 1

Imperial fists razorback

Well guys, ive not much to show you on the WIP front today, (i need to get some "medium sea grey" to continue a carcharodons drop pod which you will see on the usual WIP sunday) as ive been slack in productivity (due to me rebuilding the painting room) i thought i would show you an old piece of mine.

I did this about a year ago when i was going to do an imperial fists army, but due to the popularity of them at the club, i had to pick something else.

You can see i went heavy with the weathering, i'm still undecided if i like it or not. the more i look at it the less i like it, however if i'm just glancing, i REALLY like it. Strange huh?

See you sunday!

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