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Thursday, 26 January 2012

301st Mechanised Corps - Scratch Built Armoured Company

Hi all, welcome to the first edition of "Featured Hobbyist" yeah thats right, as mentioned before, i'm featuring some hobbyists and their work (its all agreed, i dont just post stuff without permission!)

This time we see Tinners' of warseer and ammobunker fame,

301st Mechanised Corps - Scratch Built Armoured Company 

Heres what he had to say about them when asked to give a small introduction/paragraph...

Tinners: This is a trailer and it carrys stuff because it is pretty.

Well said i feel!

Anyway, heres the pics.

 I personally think these models are brilliant, his scratch building skills appear to be the best out there presently..( please show me better if you know of it!)

Forge world, really need to snap this guys talents up pretty sharpish!

What do you guys think?





  1. Those are excellent, the scale and precision make me jealous.

    1. They are good aint they! wish i could scratch like that!
      Have you tried it yourself?


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