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Friday, 20 January 2012

Carcharodons drop pod finished.

Hi all, stop listening to your justin bieber CD and listen up!
well the drop pod is finished. i've not put decals on as it was a test piece and didnt want to waste them, also theres imperial eagles stuck on by the previous owner right where i would have put them....

Anyway, as an excersize in weathering and airbrush work i both suceeded and failed.

The airbrushing was fine, i'm looking forward to using it a lot more in future. The smooth colour transitions for highlights are awesome. however...

Although i think the hairspray technique chipped weathering looks ok, its FAR too much work to get a good effect and think i will stick with sponge chipping in future! (see the previous post for an example of this..)

I only concentrated on the outside and not the interior as it was built before i got it and couldnt get to most of it so i bodged it all in an hour or two!

Anyway heres the pics,


  1. the airbrush realy does give a smooth transition, looks good.

    1. Thanks mate, i'm really pleased with it. do you have one?


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