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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Airbrush training, lesson 2

Hi all, welcome to another update! today i have plaed a lot more with the airbrush and am pleased with the speed its churning out this scenery, i have attached some current WIP pics of the first section again. still a lot more to do but ive got the jist of the brush now so its all progress rather than fiddling! i AIM to produce a board section a week, but i predict it will really be 2 weeks per section (including building parts etc) so this could be anywhere between a 6 week to a 12 week project (3 months???) maybe i will paint some minotaurs i n between board sections? ive a feeling a certain minotaur character soon to be released by forge world may get me going full speed ahead! anyway heres the pics!


  1. Cheers buddy! i'm not gonna worry too much about the paint job, i want it done fast, its about a level i'm happy with speed wise.


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