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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Tales from my past, Episode 2


Stop playing modern warfare 3 for a second and pay attention!

Ok ok, so its more yellow...
Its really just cooincidence as i once started an Aliens themed imperial guard force but didnt get very far! (ive some guardsmen painted also....) This one i painted using lots of tips from forge worlds model masterclass book. it really is a handy tome!

Who knows, maybe one day i will get round to doing them properly! but i doubt it!

Anyway, heres thebeast in all its yellow glory.


  1. Superb mini! I love the IG sentiinels, probably one of my top 5 models!

    I've found the IA Masterclass book equally helpful, and use it every time i paint a vehicle now!!

    1. Cheers man, yeah i'm really looking forward to the next book! its been what 4 years? since the last one.


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