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Sunday, 4 March 2012

NEW FORGE WORLD MARINE TANK SPOTTED? Update, no its just a Deimos rhino...

Hi guys, was watching the Zone mortalis video last night and noticed in one of the shots you can see the front of a piece of armour, looks almost like a thin rhino?

Heres the pic, make of it what you will!

Looks like the front of the supposed "hercules" tank from this old picture to me

 But a bit smaller? Perhaps its an assault/boarding TANK, which would be new! hence why its in those corridor pieces? maybe we will find out on friday!

EDIT: looks like its just the Deimos rhino! shame!

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  1. Concrete wont crack if it doesn't move or have allot of weight on it so I'm going to say your in a warmer area and don't get frost plus the pool is keeping it moist enough to keep it from being completely dry which will also make it crack.


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