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Saturday, 10 March 2012


 Hi guys, i cant believe how fast i banged this sucker out, i only picked the model up yesterday morning, did a couple of hours priming it and basecoating in the evening then finished it off tonight.
Then to be fair its only a colour test! i didnt put a lot of time/effort in.

Now, im sorry but im not enjoying these minotaurs anymore, the colour scheme is a pain in the arse, and it doesnt "pop" very well.
My carcharodons however, although they are grey, seem to pop like mad. so.....

I think i'm moving back to the sharks!

Oh well..

anyway, heres the pictures!

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  1. Well, that's a very cleanly painted Predator. I agree that it doesn't seem to pop and looks a bit flat. While your color choice seems very appropriate for the bronze color described for the Minotaurs, I think brightening it to look a bit more golden would really make it more visually interesting and give you the room to have more contrast between the highlights and shadows.

  2. Well you pretty much just described my entire problem with Minotaurs armoured units. I can't get a colour set that I like on them.

    Out of interest what shade did you use for the bronze on this one?

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