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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Repainting my army bank holiday weekend project.

Hi all, so im fed up of my hodge podge army from about a million different chapters.
 As we have a long weekend i thought i would take the chance to repaint 90% of my speed painted minis into raven guard.

The list is thus:
6 assault termies
5 tactical termies
15 tactical marines
vulkan hestan proxy (gabriel seth)
land raider achilles
3 razorbacks.
RT era dreadnought

heres where i started

And after day 1, heres where i am, black base coat and silver detailing started.

Next up is a black wash,
and doing whites then the final details and basing!
easy peasy!

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  1. Good progress so far, looking like a cohesive force already. I wish I was a little quicker at painting!

    1. Hi mate,
      honestly, you sdont want to paint at this speed.... the quality sacrifces are large to say the least lol.

      at least i will have an army comprised of only 1 chapter now though!


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